What Size Business To Buy?

What type of business should you launch? Successful entrepreneurs are driven by their passions. If you enjoy literature or art, you may open a bookstore or gallery. If you live to crunch numbers, you might open a CPA agency. Once you have what you want to do secured, next comes the question: how big? Let’s talk about the right size of business you should buy.

There are advantages to buying a small Sarasota area business. Many people prefer to support independently-owned shops. Small business owners may enjoy certain tax breaks and marketing opportunities. These businesses may have more freedom as well. If you run a small business, you can control operations and hours, decor and other aspects.

You may also find a small staff easy to manage. If you want to work as a hands-on business owner, a single-location shop or agency may be best for you.

Go Big?

Are you the ambitious type? Do you dream of expanding a business into a chain? Would you consider buying into a franchise, or offering franchise opportunities to others? Owning a  company with multiple locations has advantages. You may enjoy a higher profit margin, and expand your customer reach. People trust businesses with well-run offices. Their success reflects upon you.

If you see yourself as an owner who delegates responsibility, a larger business may suit you. Running a chain of similar stores, or multiple businesses serving different purposes, allows one to practice diversity and grow.

If you have yet to decide on the size business you want to launch, consult with a professional. Sarasota business broker Steve Van Leeuwen has managed or owned companies staffed everywhere from ten to 200 people at a time. Steve’s expertise is helping Sunbelt area entrepreneurs achieve their dreams, and you could be next. Let’s talk about what size business is right for me.

Contact Steve today to learn more about his services and to set a consulting appointment.

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