Buy a Sarasota Business: Four Reasons Why

Why buy a Sarasota business? An entrepreneur considering a bold business move in Southern Florida may ask this. Why choose Sarasota as the location for your store, agency, restaurant or automotive service? Why Sarasota over better known Florida cities like Orlando and Miami? What is it about Sarasota that encourages people to consider moving and working here?

Firstly, this city on the western coast of Florida is more than a serene paradise for retirees. It is fast becoming a vibrant community embracing contemporary arts and new cultures like artisan food and live music. US News and World Report recently ranked Sarasota in the top ten among the best places to live in 2022. That’s not the only reason one should consider establishing a business here.

Sarasota Marina for Sale
Photo by Roger, Wikimedia Commons

Secondly, take into account Sarasota’s gradual transition as you scout communities for possible locations for your retail and/or commercial endeavors:

Growing Affluent Population: Once regarded as a popular destination for retirees, Sarasota’s population is skewing younger these days. More professionals in their prime are moving into the area and influencing the community, therefore it’s a city to consider.

The Rosemary District: The colorful arts and music scene of Sarasota is centered in this growing, hip neighborhood. The Rosemary district is where people go to enjoy fine food and browse storefronts for vintage clothing and furniture. You’ll find, too, it’s a sought after address for locals, so establishing a business is an attractive prospect for entrepreneurs.

Pleasant Weather: Sarasota enjoys mild temperatures all year round, getting as low at the mid-50s in winter. This bodes well for outdoor foot traffic any time of year. Sarasota also relies on tourism for a healthy economy, therefore good weather brings visitors looking for places to shop.

Buy a Sarasota Business Now!

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