Steve Van Leeuwen Uses Internet Technology to Sell Businesses

Business Broker Uses Technology to Sell Businesses

Business broker Steve Van Leeuwen career began in medical sales for Roche Diagnostics. Roche is a world leader in in-vitro testing. They provided at-home blood sugar testing supplies for diabetics. He was quickly promoted to Regional Manager, and eventually to Director, New Product Development and Niche Markets. Now, Steve Van Leeuwen can use technology to sell your business.

Products devised by teams led by Steve generated billions of dollars in profits for that corporation. He led new product development between the United States and Germany. He then moved into biotechnology while in Seattle, Washington.
Years later, he became president and owner of multiple Internet-based startups. All were sold for exceptional returns.  While in Norfolk, Virginia he owned a large Internet Marketing and Website Development business. Ciniva spent millions in Google® pay per click marketing among other online campaigns. He will use this knowledge and experience to sell your business. No other business brokerage has the level of internet marketing experience of Steve Van Leeuwen. 

Steve’s Experience Helps You!

Technology can help any business in operations and marketing. Companies who are advanced in their technology offerings can earn exponential returns in the event of business sales. Business broker Steve Van Leeuwen can use his knowledge of technology to transform your business and prepare and market it for a large business sales return.
When you connect with Steve, you’ll receive a thorough assessment of your goals. If you’re selling your business, Steve will help you determine the best price for the current market. He will connect you with reputable, prospective buyers. He will negotiate the sale where you both will say, “win.” If you want to buy a business, Steve will scout potential businesses. He’ll find one to meet your requirements and budget, and mediate everything from repairs to closing costs.
Firstly, Steve will appraise your business. Secondly, Steve will map out a sales strategy. Thirdly, Steve will negotiate with buyers on your behalf. Finally, you will profit from your hard work.
Contact Steve today for an appraisal of your business to determine its value, and to move forward with a successful sale.
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