Steve Van Leeuwen Knows Internet Marketing

Broker experience in internet marketing

Sarasota business broker Steve Van Leeuwen has the skills to help you succeed. Over the course of his many ventures, Steve has overseen teams of 10 (with Healthy Life Pages and Ciniva) to 200 people (Roche Diagnostics). Steve excels in employee management, human resources, and business marketing.

Steve understands the relationships between human resources, products and services, and finances and marketing. Small businesses are exceptionally more challenging to manage. Issues with employees, cash flow and product deficiencies can have a different impact. Market your business for with someone who uses technology to sell.

Steve Van Leeuwen Markets Sarasota Businesses For Sale

No business is too small or too large for expansion in market share, profitability, value. You are here due to interest in selling your business. You want as large a return as possible for your loved ones and valued employees. Steve can work with you to improve, fix, or prepare your Sarasota business for long term profitability or for business sale. You cannot just place a business in BizBuySell and expect it to sell.

There are many other sites and methods you need to reach everyone interested in buying a business. I know the tricks! Firstly, you need the desire. Secondly, you need a sound appraisal of your business. Thirdly, you need a broker to work for you. Finally, you will achieve your dream.

Contact Steve today for marketing ideas and to move forward with a successful sale.

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