Selling A Technology Business

sell a manufacturing businessIs selling a technology business in Sarasota your plan? The next big thing or under the radar device or APP that is showing signs of life. As the owner of a technology business, you provide systems and methods that improve peoples lives and efficiencies. You have seen the future and put this into code or devices. Now, it’s time to take the next step. You need brokers for selling a technology business.

The value of your company is determined by several factors. What do you offer? Is it unique? Are client acquisitions growing? If you had more capital would you hit a home run? 

Determine the value of your business. Ask for the price you deserve.

Organize your assets and finances. Be ready to show proof of success.

Prepare your code or device for inspection and the sale.

Hire an experienced broker to look after your interests.

For over thirty years, South Florida business broker Steve Van Leeuwen has advised business owners. His knowledge of business marketing in various fields makes him a powerful ally in your search to sell. When you are ready to negotiate the sale of your manufacturing company, you need an expert on your side. 

Selling A Technology Business

Sarasota business broker Steve Van Leeuwen has the skills to help you succeed. Contact Steve today for an appraisal of your business to determine its value, and to move forward with a successful sale.

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