Promote Your Sarasota Business on Facebook

promote your Sarasota businessTo promote your Sarasota business on Facebook, naturally you will need to set up a page on the platform. It’s a simple achievement that requires time, quality pictures of your business, and a plan. Facebook is a good way to promote timely specials and sales, and to answer customer questions in real time provided somebody watches the account. Options for business like paid advertising, too, can increase awareness of your store, agency, or other enterprise.

Promote Your Sarasota Business

Organic posting on Facebook can take your business only so far. While many people in Sarasota may “like” or “follow” your page, the platform’s algorithms tend to favor posts from friends and family on a person’s feed. Putting money into your Facebook presence can help boost your profile. The good news here is: it doesn’t have to break the bank. You can spend as little as a few dollars a day depending on your goal.

Four Things To Consider

Explaining Facebook ads will definitely take longer than a simple blog post. For now, we’ll talk about what to consider before you set up your ad account. Digital advertising works differently from print and other avenues in that it’s flexible. You can turn ads on or off any time, and you can control everything from your Facebook Business Manager. Before you launch your first ad, though, ask yourself this:

What is my goal? Do you want to increase traffic to your website, or a physical store? Would you want to collect leads to call or email? Maybe you prefer to get your name out there until you’re ready for a more aggressive campaign? Facebook offers several objectives for your promotional budget.

Who is my audience? Are you targeting only people who live in Sarasota? Do you want to promote your Sarasota business to more of South Florida? Nationwide? Facebook lets you reach customers around the world according to age, gender, interests and location.

How much should I spend? Even with a modest budget of $100 a month, you can run ads on Facebook. Refine your audience, choose the right objective, and you may find you have good reach.

How long should ads run? Ads can run indefinitely on the platform. You can also set a time to stop an ad at a certain time, if you’re running a sale. If you feel an ad isn’t performing well, you can stop any time to try something different.

Buy. Promote. Win.

It isn’t difficult to promote your Sarasota business. Once you buy one, your adventure is only beginning. If you’re still contemplating where to get started, Steve Van Leeuwen can help. With decades of experience in business brokerage, Steve can help you find the right business to buy in the Sunbelt and negotiate the price you want to pay. Contact Steve today for more information.

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