Ask A Sarasota Business Broker

ask a Sarasota business brokerHiring a Sarasota business broker to conduct the sale of your business works in your favor. With an expert on your side, you’ll receive a fair price for your hard work. Finding the right broker for your needs is important. Anybody can make a connection between a seller and buyer. However, an experienced broker excels in negotiation for your benefit. Ask a sarasota business broker how to plan for business sale.

As the seller of a Sunbelt area business, you have control of the broker you hire. They will appraise your business and advise you. Ultimately, you must choose a broker with whom you connect. It’s good to come prepared with the right questions to ask.

Ask a Sarasota Business Broker

What do you know about my industry? Your Sarasota business broker should have knowledge of the type of business you run. Do they know about restaurants, marketing firms, auto garages… whatever you own. Each business is different and requires its own strategy for a successful sale.

Do you have interested buyers lined up? A reputable broker will have interested clients in touch well in advance. When you meet a broker for the first time, hopefully they’ll have people in mind to contact first for an expedient sale.

How have you determined the value of my business? Valuation of a Sarasota business is based on several factors. If you have questions about the price your broker gives, ask how they came up with the number. Make sure they are taking every aspect into consideration.

What is your plan for a confidential sale? Discretion is important in a business sale. You don’t want to alarm employees or customers. A sale can inspire worry and lead to resignations or a drop in revenue. A sale doesn’t mean a business is in trouble, but it may be interpreted as such. Find out how your broker plans to sell with confidentiality.

Have questions for Sarasota Business Broker Steve Van Leeuwen? Contact Steve today and get an estimate on your business to sell.

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