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Ready to retire and want to sell your business? Maybe you want to start a new business? Have you considered buying an established store or company and building from there?
Business Broker Steve Van Leeuwen for Sarasota, Tampa and St. Petersburg Florida has been where you are. There are so many questions in your mind. Steve can answer them and also help you succeed.
Is it as bad as I think it is? Can I really retire mentally and financially, too? What will my customers and employees do? Am I able to do it myself or do I need a business broker? Will my business sale be confidential?
Yes, it is complicated but happens successfully every day when managed well. Businesses are bought and sold every day. If you own a business, you can sell it for a nice profit. Have you dreamed of being your own boss? Now is the time to pursue your goals and above all else, live your dream.
Steve Van Leeuwen, Sarasota business broker and Bradenton business broker,  has worked with clients across the country with buying and selling established businesses, everything from bakeries to multi-million dollar agencies. He is experienced with real estate and employee management, and he is ready to broker your purchase or sale.
Firstly, our introductory meeting will be eye opening and educational. You will feel more at ease with whatever decision you decide to take.
Secondly, a good place to start the process is to spend time looking at businesses for sale, reading the blogs and learning how a business broker can help. Lastly, we will talk and plan. Let’s work and let’s win!

Let’s Talk. 941.287.5796

Why sell now?  Why buy now?

What is my business value?

Am I ready to act? Confidentiality?

Can everyone come out ahead?

Let’s Work.

It's not just putting the business on websites. It's jointly setting your goals and achieving them.

The better the numbers the higher the confidence levels. No one's financials are perfect. We'll fix that.

Learn from my expertise! We will build leads and turn them into buyers.

No matter what you are selling, it still comes down the human element. You need a team.

No closing is simple. Emotions run deep. Finances and law collide. You need me in your corner.

Featured Businesses For Sale in Florida

SOLD! Canopy and Awnings. Top Rated Awning and Canopy manufacturing company in the Tampa Bay Area. This sales includes businesses in 1 all under 1 roof!!! Well known for their residential – commercial QUALITY and SERVICE, their reviews reflect what customers say about the business. This company is FULLY STAFFED and equipped with upgraded equipment to go to the next level for high production and increase the current revenue. The company has been doing physical sales calls only two days a week for the last two years, also utilizing an online bidding platform for general contractor projects. THEY HAVE INCREASED THEIR REVENUE YEAR AFTER YEAR, EVEN DURING COVID. BBF-871-10384

Automotive Distribution.  This 60-year-old S. Florida business is the regional leader in the providing of design, construction, and maintenance services for the automotive service industry. Customers include both the private sector, which includes retail auto dealerships and private auto repair, and tire store businesses as well as government fleet service & repair facilities. The company is a master stocking dealer for many national auto equipment trade brands which include auto lifts, tire equipment, shop & lubrication equipment, air compressor products, exhaust products and much more. Seasoned long time management team in place. Modern service fleet of well stocked trucks. While owner is seeking to retire, will consider extended transition with purchaser. Warehouse/office facility of 12,000+SF is strategically located and is owned by seller who will enter lease with purchaser. Excellent Tax Returns records should qualify for E2 Visa. BBF-164-428240

SOLD! Printer Services Business.  An opportunity for a husband and wife team or “go-gettem” sales person to buy this business at a low price and expand it several directions. This is a two part business, the first is to provide services and supplies for one of the largest names in printers. Revenues occur in service time and supply profits. The second is a franchise with multiple products and services to most small to large businesses, the second is expansion in printer networking, services and more. The franchise entry costs are a low of $60,000, to a high of $175,000. Sales of the business have been steady at over $30,000 even though owner spends no marketing money or effort in this business. Identical businesses in the state of Florida have sales in the $100,000’s of thousands. An at-home business where you connect software to network printers that tell you toner status. If low, you drop ship toner from factory. No delivery no filling. Clients use this service for their product higher auality than what you buy on Amazon® yet at a better value than purchased from the printer brand. The business has several areas of expansion; a printer service center with a significant brand, IT support, specialty printing such as restaurant menus and more. A strong area of sales is to place printers at business locations under the condition they use your toner. Currently, there are 45 networked printers owned by the company. There is little to no out of pocket cost for this service because it is included in the initial supplies purchase.  BizBuySell

1. Located in Riverview, southeast of Tampa is one of the fasted growing areas in west-central Florida. Owner turns down business weekly.
2. The owner has managed this business so that he works no more the 4 days a week and takes 8 weeks vacation per year… no matter how many new customers want his service.
3. The owner has managed this route so that no more than 15 minutes drive time exists between accounts.
4. 15% of revenues are with commercial accounts. These can be leveraged to many more.
5. Business serves the top developments in the area and could easily expand to more homes in each of these developments.
6. Everything you need to run this business is here. Assets in excellent condition.
7. Owner provides no weed control, bark or any other services consistently requested by customers.
8. This business provides you an excellent brand due to its high service levels, included website and that 2023 will represent 10 years in business… great claim to land new clients.
Perfect for a young man, woman or couple to grow their future or for an adjoining, lawn care business to expand sales in a hot area overnight. BizBuySell

Let’s Win.

Change your life and those you care about.

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Are you one person or do you work with a team of Brokers who can help me?
Steve is a member of the Florida Business Opportunities Team with 14 Business Brokers Throughout Florida. He is a member of the Business Brokers of Florida with 1100 Members and the International Business Brokers with 1600 Members. 

What kinds of businesses do you help buy/sell?

Whatever business you have to sell, whatever you want to buy, I can help! I work with entrepreneurs interested in buying stores, restaurants, gas stations, medical businesses, salons, agencies, bakeries, coffee shops, breweries, and more. 

Which areas do you serve?

I help Sarasota business owners, Bradenton business owners, and anyone in the Sun Belt region interested in buying or selling a commercial interest.

How does listing a business for sale work?
First we meet. Should you invest, fix, change, sell or all the above. If sell then we complete standard listing agreement. We develop marketing plan. We implement and set up meetings with qualified, confidential buyers. Then the fun begins. 

When is it time to sell my business?
I have bought and sold five businesses. It usually begins with people telling you that you look tired. You find yourself having trouble walking in the door. You grow less tolerant of complicated employee issues and dream of simple family and friend time. When you get to where you do not want any more customers or you are witnessing sales start to soften… you should have a sense of urgency to sell your business.

How long does it take to sell a business?
Although I recently sold a business in 60 days with a 30 day closing, you should estimate 6-9 months. There is a lot of due diligence, legal matters, lease assignments and preparations. 

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